Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Nothing-Before Nothing-After Meditation

This meditation is fundamentally used to reduce worry but it has far reaching benefits and can bring on a sense of calmness and clarity in addition to great insights into ourselves. It is practiced like many other meditations, by assuming a comfortable position with closed eyes. Like the name of the meditation, it is relatively straight forward. Imagine for a bit that nothing before the current moment has ever happen, and that nothing after it will ever happen.

This can be done progressively, especially beginning with any prominent worry. Just for a few minutes, suppose that never happen. Further, suppose the events surrounding it never occurred. What if the outside world had never been there are all? What if nothing were ever going to happen again? This can actually be a little spooky, but taken as far as you will allow yourself, it can give a season of relief to a constantly worrisome mind. If there was nothing before this moment, why worry? If there will be nothing after this moment--nothing at all--why be anxious? Setting aside things that have happened in our past, we bring ourselves to the true kernel of our existence and can gain enlightenment about how we connect with the universe.

Some people may have difficulty letting go of a particular worry because they feel it is imprudent to stop worrying about the future but it can be assured that whatever worries you have right now will still be there when you open your eyes...but then again, what if they're not?

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