Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Trick To Worry Less About What Others Think And Get More Done

Being consumed by what others think can hold us back from doing the right thing and inhibit us from self-improvement.
We worry about what others think because they may disapprove  A majority of that worry can be eliminated by remembering one simple fact: we all make mistakes. Here's a few reasons why this can help us worry less about what others think and get more done:

By accepting that we all make mistakes, we free ourselves to make decisions by realizing we have just as much right to do and say what we believe as anyone else.  Knowing that making mistakes is part of being human, we can understand that at any moment we all do the best we can with the information that we have. This gives us the inspiration and courage to assert our right to do what we feel is best.

Recognizing that we can all be mistaken, we affirm that we may even be wrong about other people's opinion of us. Further, we may misread others and project disapproval when none exists. We all have very complicated opinions and beliefs that can be difficult to fully communicate to each other. A negative reaction to something you say or do could just as well be attributed to someone having a rough day or even a bad lunch.

What if you thought someone was disapproving of you and they really were not? Sometimes people challenge an idea or action just to be sure it is reliable and worthwhile. If someone comments disapprovingly about an idea, it may just be a test of the idea's trustworthiness  not a final opinion. In many cases people would like to be proven wrong when they speak negatively. This is a secret that has been known to salesmen for a long time. When, for example, someone says 'that will never work' they well mean 'that will never work...will it?'. You may be the person to prove: 'yes, it will work--and I will prove it'.

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