Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Noisy Meditation

To many, the term meditation means to quiet the mind and reach a state of calmness. This helps us eliminate worry, reduce anxiety and physically rest our bodies and minds. The Noisy Meditation seems somewhat counter to this practice, but has its own place in organizing our thoughts and dealing with a cloudy mind.

This is somewhat similar to the Fullness Meditation, and is especially effective if done for a predetermined time, for example 10 or 20 minutes.

In a comfortable, meditative time and place, the mind is opened and given complete liberty to be loud and thoughtful. During this time, we can let our minds clatter and become as cluttered as it likes--like a 3 ring circus going off in the mind. This may seem counter intuitive, but consider this:

It is clear that our minds crave noise and stimulation. Many people have pointed out how television, cell phones and other electronics have made our world a more noisy place. Our ways of transportation and building are some of the loudest noises on the planet. ---but that also shows us that we are often at our most productive when we make noise and stimulus. It can even have its own sort of addictiveness, but is noisiness in and of itself bad?

When we practice the Noisy Meditation, we harness our minds in a sort of controlled chaos. Isn't it worth while to decide to let your mind be loud and cluttered on your own terms? This noise is not only something we often want and seek out, it may be something we actually need. This is the sort of thing our mind is built to do, why not make purposeful effort to give it a proper place in our meditative practices?

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