Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oil Meditation

Here's the next posting on Fullest Disclosure's ongoing series on meditation. The Oil Meditation is a relaxation technique so it can also be very effect against insomnia. Because of this, and the progressive visualization of the technique, it is best practiced lying down.

Begin by assuming a generally relaxed posture. Slow your breathing to be long, soft and quiet. Focus your attention toward the tips of your toes. As you inhale, imagine a warm, dark oil of relaxation drawing up around your feet. As it moves around you, allow your toes to relax. As you exhale, allow the oil to drift back down toward the bottom of your feet. Inhale again and bring the oil up over your feet and ankles, relaxing into it. Exhale and allow the oil to drift back down, but not as far as before.

The trick to this meditation is to draw the oil a little farther up with each breath and to drift back down a little less with each exhalation. This will bring the visualization up your knees and legs, reaching your waist about the tip it covers the tips of your fingers. Traveling up to your arms and shoulders, every portion of your body that is covered should remain completely relaxed.

Take your time and do this over a few minutes. Many times this meditation is enough to bring on sleep before it is completed.

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