Thursday, December 6, 2012

Accomplishment and Positivity

This is about helping you get what you want. There's a secret and a shortcut in this that will help you get what you want faster and more efficiently. The place to begin is by finding and naming what you want. To apply this, lets take an example of what a person may say he or she wants. Lets use the example of money. Money is a bad thing to name as a want. Not because wanting money is too selfish or because it is too is bad as a 'want' but good as a motivator. What this means is, money as a want is an incomplete want.

Many times when we move in the direction of improvement and growth we almost immediately meet with adversary...this seems to be directly from God-more than from any source of evil or Satan or devil-as a means to grow that much sooner. Like a clever trainer we are immediately pushed to our limits in a way that will give us growth and accomplishment when we overcome.

We are all at least equally entitled..and by caring more and being consistently positive you gain a special kind of entitlement

Humans are the greatest accomplishment in this world...greatness is your birthright...we are entitled to success...its what we do...anxiety is just the anticipation of doing something have an entire world at your disposal to accomplish amazing things...just caring is a have many many more successes than have thousands of successes by others to aide everyone..every person is ultimately your ally...everything around us is ultimately is a beautiful gift that we are able to alter our perspective to see this.....

Given any set of circumstances..we do not only what we perceive as best at the time, but what truly IS best...sometimes this is done consciously and sometimes unconsciously ..but we always seek the best...we may forget some details of the circumstances later...but this leaves no room for guilt or regret...we can be sure that every action is a success in some respect and that each day we can look forward to new successes and accomplishments.

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