Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to Relax In Less Than 10 Seconds

Wanna get a good rest and really REALLY relax? This is for you. This technique was learned from watching a dog--a big heavy dog with floppy ears that loved to play and knew how to get a good rest. He would lumber over to where he wanted to lay, give a big stretch and yawn and then flop down onto the floor before he let out a long windy 'huufffffff...' ...and then he was asleep.

We can do this too, in fact it's built in to our nature. The real key is the sigh. There's a reason we yawn and sigh when we are tired.It has its place in helping our body rest.
Here's how: Find your spot to rest and give your body a good stretch while you take in a deep breath. Fill your body with a breath that expands your ribs and abdomen. Now get in to your spot and---here's the big secret--let out that breath in a whooshing sigh.Really, a gushing breath that lets the air out. A sigh should let the breath rush out of your mouth while your body sinks down into gravity. Sighing lets out tension and stress and helps the whole body release and loosen. You can do it more than once to help yourself sink deeper. Before long you will be as relaxed as a lazy dog.

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