Monday, October 1, 2012

Thought Transfer

One of the my newer experiments is the use of thought-orb meditation for thought transfer. It occurred to me that this method may have been what I have missed with previous experiments in telepathy. In fact we use a method somewhat similar to the thought-orb meditation with each other hundreds or even thousands of times a day. Typically, however, it is a very unconscious, uncontrolled and sometimes reckless practice because time has not been spent honing the skill of seeing them more clearly. I've now begun to realize how much more control we can have over how and where these thoughts travel.

This process outlines below is complicated because it is both a literal and intangible action. It is a somewhat subjective and metaphysical process, but I will delineate it as I have encountered it with as much description and visualization as possible.

Thoughts can be sent out from anywhere in the body but usually move out of our head. As they travel through the air they are orb-like, usually about 1.5 meters in diameter. In a vision the largest part of the thought has a kind of cloudy, electric cross-hatching that shifts and travels around the nucleus of the thought. Within this is a symbol of the thought, often resembling something 3 dimensional and tangible but  without a definite form because it can shift and change or even have multiple symbols intertwined and occupying the same space.

When under conscious, deliberate control, it is usually easiest to dispatch the thought through the top of the head and move it directly up and outwards then continuing in a parabolic arch to its destination. I'm working on an eBook to outline exactly how I began to experience visions of this kind and developed a higher level of control over movement of thoughts. Email me if you are interested in gaining more information.

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