Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Simple Trick To Clearing Your Mind

When people worry it is often about one thing or a few specific things. For example, when someone is trying to sleep they may be worrying about something they have to do at work the next day, or a person may have a certain project or event coming up so they run through it in their mind over and over. It can be very difficult to clear your mind because this one thought will keep popping up in your mind--almost like your self talk is yelling at you about it.

Here's a unique approach to dealing with that kind of worry--instead of trying to get rid of this thought or worry, spend a few minutes allowing other thoughts to come in. In fact, allow yourself to think of anything and everything. The real trick to this is to allow every thought to have equal weight and importance. This means you can keep thinking about what you have to do the next day as long as you give equal room to whatever else pops in your head. In fact, you can actually TRY to fill up your mind with random thoughts and worries, as long as every thought has the same importance. The reason this works is because when you stop struggling against thoughts your mind actually has a chance to relax in a way it usually doesn't.

This can be a little like having a circus going on in your head, but a few minutes of this is a great preparation to actually clearing your mind. After you have given equal weight to all of your thoughts, they can be bundled together transferred out of your mind. Any thoughts left behind can be directed out as orbed thoughts one by one until your mind is clear and quiet.

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  1. This is good it worked out well for me when I tried it yesterday.