Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lock Box Mediation

The following is part of an ongoing series on types of meditation. It is highly visual and serves the purpose of ridding the mind of negative and worrisome thoughts.

Assume a typical meditative position by sitting or lying comfortably. Allow the worrisome thought to take a full and prominent position in your mind. A few feet near yourself, envision a box with an open, hinged lid that can securely locked after it is closed. Turning your attention back inside your own head, use your imagination to lift the thought out through your head and direct it over to the box. Set the negative thought into the box.

Turn your attention back to your own head and evaluate the portions of the negative thought that remain. Collect these negative thoughts together again and direct them out of your head and into the box.

Realize that once thoughts enter the box they are secure and settle and will not return to your mind. Continuing collecting remnants of the negative thoughts over and over and keep placing them in the box where they can be securely locked away and set aside.

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