Friday, October 19, 2012

A Simple Way To Calm Your Mind And Get To Sleep

One thing that keeps people up at night is the internal dialog they are carrying of self talk. This puts the brain in a constant state of activity and wakefulness. Many people would fall asleep almost immediately if they stopped this talking for even a couple of minutes. This may sound simple but it can be a little tricky--sometimes we are almost too clever for ourselves. For example, you may find yourself trying to sleep and saying to yourself "why am I still awake? I'm not doing any self talk. My mind is perfectly quiet" or even " I doing any self talk right now?" and obviously in all these cases the person would be carrying on a whole stream of self talk without even acknowledging it.

It does take a bit of practice but can be extremely effective when done properly. Here's one other quick trick to help cut out the self talk. Trying listening to the things around you; not TV or radio but the abstract white noises that are always going on. When you really stop to listen, you may even find your ears ringing. This is because we sometimes close ourselves off from listening so that we can ramble in our on head and keep up our self talk (which a lot of the time isn't even about anything important anyway). Finally quieting down can give our brain a much needed break and bring calmness and rest. In my experience I fall asleep almost immediately when the self-talk silenced. This has been very effective for me so I welcome your comments and will be glad to give more info on it.

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