Thursday, December 6, 2012

Accomplishment and Positivity

This is about helping you get what you want. There's a secret and a shortcut in this that will help you get what you want faster and more efficiently. The place to begin is by finding and naming what you want. To apply this, lets take an example of what a person may say he or she wants. Lets use the example of money. Money is a bad thing to name as a want. Not because wanting money is too selfish or because it is too is bad as a 'want' but good as a motivator. What this means is, money as a want is an incomplete want.

Many times when we move in the direction of improvement and growth we almost immediately meet with adversary...this seems to be directly from God-more than from any source of evil or Satan or devil-as a means to grow that much sooner. Like a clever trainer we are immediately pushed to our limits in a way that will give us growth and accomplishment when we overcome.

We are all at least equally entitled..and by caring more and being consistently positive you gain a special kind of entitlement

Humans are the greatest accomplishment in this world...greatness is your birthright...we are entitled to success...its what we do...anxiety is just the anticipation of doing something have an entire world at your disposal to accomplish amazing things...just caring is a have many many more successes than have thousands of successes by others to aide everyone..every person is ultimately your ally...everything around us is ultimately is a beautiful gift that we are able to alter our perspective to see this.....

Given any set of circumstances..we do not only what we perceive as best at the time, but what truly IS best...sometimes this is done consciously and sometimes unconsciously ..but we always seek the best...we may forget some details of the circumstances later...but this leaves no room for guilt or regret...we can be sure that every action is a success in some respect and that each day we can look forward to new successes and accomplishments.

Monday, November 26, 2012

10 Ways to Connect With Nature and Open Your Mind

Finding ways to connect with the natural world around us reminds us of our place in the universe and helps us organize our thoughts and clear our minds. Here's a quick list of ways to slow down and connect more with nature:

  • Listen to the sounds of birds instead of talking in your own mind
  • Walk against the wind and breath in the fresh air
  • Watch squirrels and small animals look for food
  • Listen to the sound of leaves rustling in the trees
  • Take a walk in bare feet and feel the grass and soil
  • Sit in the shade against the base of a tree
  • Find a place in the distance and look off as far as your eyes can see
  • Watch the way clouds pile and move across the sky
  • Look how bring the moon shines in the dark
  • Lay out under the stars and stare at the sky

Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to Relax In Less Than 10 Seconds

Wanna get a good rest and really REALLY relax? This is for you. This technique was learned from watching a dog--a big heavy dog with floppy ears that loved to play and knew how to get a good rest. He would lumber over to where he wanted to lay, give a big stretch and yawn and then flop down onto the floor before he let out a long windy 'huufffffff...' ...and then he was asleep.

We can do this too, in fact it's built in to our nature. The real key is the sigh. There's a reason we yawn and sigh when we are tired.It has its place in helping our body rest.
Here's how: Find your spot to rest and give your body a good stretch while you take in a deep breath. Fill your body with a breath that expands your ribs and abdomen. Now get in to your spot and---here's the big secret--let out that breath in a whooshing sigh.Really, a gushing breath that lets the air out. A sigh should let the breath rush out of your mouth while your body sinks down into gravity. Sighing lets out tension and stress and helps the whole body release and loosen. You can do it more than once to help yourself sink deeper. Before long you will be as relaxed as a lazy dog.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How To Break Bad Habits (And Form Good Ones)

Get ready to change your life for the better. This article is about helping you unlock the secret to live the life you really want. Imagine having control over the positive and negative actions in your life. It's a secret that can be applied to any area of our lives. You have the ability to do accomplish anything in life by applying this technique. Keep reading to find out how you can stop the negative habits that hold you back and achieve the life of your dreams.

Our habits---those things we do consistently every day---are essentially affected by our visualization. Visualization is the way we use our imagination to view the positive and negative attributes of a particular action or object. Positive thoughts about a habit are the reinforcement that keeps an action in our lives. This means that if we visualize the action as bad more than we view it as good, our mind will stop that habit. It's automatic.

The key to eliminating a bad habit is to balance visualizations of what is good about the habit than what is bad about it. This begins by identifying why we do a particular habit, (usually what we enjoy about it) and why we won't it to stop. The next step in the process is to consistently counter any positive visualization about the habit with its negative. As long as we keep the visualizations balanced, the habit will diminish. When this practice is cultivated properly we see these bad habits fall by the wayside and find the liberty to follow the life we enjoy.